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Why Swingyde Will Always Be On Top!

Why Swingyde Will Always Be On Top!

If you are familiar with the Laws, Principles and Preferences model for the golf swing that was devised several years ago you would know that when speaking of Principles there are two parts; pre-swing, and in-swing. All of them have an influence on what the result of your shot will be . One of the more important in-swing principles is “the position of your hands at the top of the backswing.” They will determine whether your clubface is open or closed which will effect the position of your face at impact.

The best way to achieve consistency in your shots is to learn how to get the clubface square at the top of the backswing. Fortunately, there is a really effective learning aid which provides you with the feedback to get that done correctly. It is called Swingyde, one of our absolute favorites! You get instant feedback about your hand position which can produce instant improvement. Want to hit it straight? Then you will need a square clubface which can come from the Swingyde! Go to GolfTrainingAids.com to learn more!

Here’s a quick drill to help you increase your wrist hinge! Attach Swingyde to the extreme bottom on the grip, (See Figure 1) so the hinge will be less than 90 degrees. Now at the top of your backswing you will achieve more wrist hinge. (See Figure 2)


Here’s a quick drill to help you decrease your wrist hinge! Attach Swingyde just below your bottom hand. (See figure 1) So the hinge will be greater than 90 degrees. Now at the top you will create less wrist hinge. (See figure 2)

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