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We’ve Reached 10K on Instagram!

We’ve Reached 10K on Instagram!

We are so excited that we’ve just reached our goal of hitting 10,000 followers on Instagram! Social media these days is a very big deal to major brands, especially Instagram! Being the Social Media Manager for, I spend hours curating content, images, video, gif’s for our social platforms, then it’s off to the editing room where I take the content and chop it up for you guys to see!

Working in social media especially for GTA is an incredible day-to-day experience for me. I’m sure that I take content from most of you who are reading this blog LOL The other part to my job is having the chance to work with some of the most incredible people in golf! From Amateur players to PGA to LPGA Professionals and Coaches from all over the world, I work with the best of the best for content but also to share success stories of how our training aids impact them and/or their students. It’s a wonderful feeling to have such support from the golf community. We can’t wait to grow even more bringing you the best training aids for golfers on all levels to enjoy. From everyone at and myself of course…thank you! Brad Lieberman, Social Media Manager.


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