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We Made the GRAA Top 25 Teaching & Training Aids List!

We Made the GRAA Top 25 Teaching & Training Aids List!

Successful golf instructors use many different methods to help their students improve the way they play the game. A key part of that process for many instructors is the tools of the trade – the teaching and training aids they use on the lesson tee, and that they often recommend to their students for use during practice sessions. We are very proud to say that once again, we made the GRAA Top 25 Teaching & Training Aids list! Over 250 top instructors told the GRAA what aids they use most. These instructors didn’t cast votes, they simply told them what they use, and they calculated the results. *Remember, the survey is not a rating or a ranking; rather, it reflects actual usage by golf teachers.

Most of the products on the list we carry such ad the Swingyde, Superspeed Golf and Impact Snap, but we are most proud of the original training aid that’s helped literally thousands of golfers over the past three decades, the Impact Bag which made the #2 slot! Developed by 6-Time PGA Hall of Famer, Dr. Gary Wiren, the Impact Bag is an essential part of your practice teaching you the proper feel and positioning you should have at impact. The Power Fan also made the list, coming at #10. This is all about resistance and speed training! You’ll also see featured a few Eyeline Golf and Orange Whip products which we carry and have been excellent sellers!

We are very honored to be part of the list again and it’s great seeing other brands that work equally as hard. Click here to visit us and order 500+ training aids to help you grow your game! Follow us on Instagram to see giveaways, info and more!


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