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VP Eng. Pro-Head Golf Is Acknowledged By Golf Digest

VP Eng. Pro-Head Golf Is Acknowledged By Golf Digest

Dave Tutelman, VP Engineering for FOREVER BETTER GOLF INC. dba as PRO-HEAD GOLF was recently acknowledged by Golf Digest in the July issue for his golf technology expertise. Dave started building golf clubs in the 1980s out of practicality. His youngsters were in their teens and just getting into golf. Building clubs for them was much less expensive than buying new clubs off the rack. But Dave continued working in the golf industry because he was an engineer and enjoyed seeing things work and knowing how things work. Dave has become a recognized golf technology researcher.

In 2010 Dave met Bob Doyle, President of FOREVER BETTER GOLF INC. on a golf course in NJ. Both are engineers, native New Yorkers and they found they had much in common, including their desires to improve their golf swings and scores. Doyle showed Tutelman his patented PRO-HEAD Trainer and Dave immediately looked to improve the product. Dave accepted the position as VP of Engineering and he has been most instrumental in refining the original product and in designing the new and improved PRO-HEAD 2 Trainer.

The PRO-HEAD Trainers have been endorsed by several Top Teaching Pros including Golf Channel’s Martin Hall; Lou Guzzi, 2013 National PGA Teacher of the Year; Dom DiJulia, Golf Digest Top 50 Instructor; Jake Zastko, former NJ Champion and PGA Pro for 50 years, and others. This training aid not only gives instant feedback on any type of head movement, good and bad; it also helps golfers overcome faulty hip movement and swaying. Congrats to Dave, Bob and the rest of the PRO-HEAD 2 team for helping to change the game of so many golfers! We are very proud to carry this product at


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