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Top 3 New Training Aids That Will Change Your Game!

Top 3 New Training Aids That Will Change Your Game!

Every once in a while you’ll find a product (s) that when you try it out once, you know it can change the way you play. 2017 has brought some incredible new training aids to market and we are very proud to introduce to you just a select few that we feel will not only help your game, but also change how you play!

PERFECT SWING BOARD – Developed by PGA Professional, Ned Martin, this training aid can be used by any age and skill level. A perfect way for putting, shot-shaping and of course your ball position. Here’s how:

  • Ball Position – Golf swing trainer is based on Ben Hogan for stance. Match your feet on the boards feet to get standard ball position. Lower trajectory shots move right foot closer to the left. For higher shots move right foot further from standard. Great putting track to monitor putting stroke on an arc or straight back and through!
  • Putting – The putting track is easy! Line the putter up to the Putter Face Alignment. Set your eyes over the target line. Stroke the putter down the green target line and can your putt.
  • Shot-Shaping – Based on the nine ball flight laws and trackman. We have the perfect arc, an inside out arc (5 degrees) and an outside in arc (5 degrees). The face alignment are at (2.5 degrees). Follow the Path of Blue with face angle closed to that Path at 2.5 degrees and hit beautiful draw at Red Target Line.Follow the Red Path with face angle open 2.5 degrees of Red Path and shot will fade at Red Target Line.


NAVIGATOR PUTTING AID – Dirty Larry Golf is a name not to be reckoned with The Navigator actually maximizes a golfer’s aim and accuracy on the green regardless of their stroke type of the putter they are using. Basically, within the first 5-minutes or less, the Navigator will begin to do its thing and your stroke will dramatically improve! This training aid is the REAL DEAL! With the Navigator, all you have to do is snap it on, align it using the box, tighten it down, and go. Learn how to putt better in a way that’s easy, obvious, instant, and affordable.

PUTTING GATE SYSTEM (PGS) – 5DudesGolf is a strategically formed group of professional golfers and businessmen who all share the same passion and respect for the game. With their combined expertise and passion, all 5 owners have been collaborating on and off the course for many years; giving this company a cohesive dynamic unlike any other.

They aim to provide innovative putting aids that target the bad habits most golf players fall victim to. The company’s initial product, called PGS (Putting Gate System), will provide a system players can use to monitor and improve their faulty putting habits.

The PGS is expected to be very popular with any golfer looking to improve their game, as it is simple to use and fixes most common putting habits. The technology used in the PGS allows the player to practice any putt while receiving prompt feedback to correct body alignment, ball position, swing path, etc. Additionally, it is small enough to be stored in a golf bag at all times with minimal added weight.


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