Dr. Gary Wiren

The Impact Bag Gets a New Package Design!

The Impact Bag Gets a New Package Design!

The Impact Bag developed by PGA Hall of Fame Dr. Gary Wiren 35 years ago has been one of the top training aids that has ever been created. It’s all about the moment of truth, impact! Everyone from golf professionals to coaches to PGA and LPGA Tour Players have all used the Impact Bag at some point whether it’s to teach a lesson or to improve their own game.

Since it’s now 35 years old, we decided the packaging needed a bit of a lift. We went to many local manufacturers in the area, trying to decide on the sizing of the packaging. Of course we have a wonderful in-house Graphic Designer/Web Developer to handle the design portion. What we came up with was a great new modern and very simple design. We also wanted to have someone on the cover so we called upon our friend Kevin Dorsch, PGA Professional. Kevin is currently the Director of Instruction at John Prince Golf Learning Center in Lake Worth, FL.

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