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TeeUp with LisaMarie Teams Up with

TeeUp with LisaMarie Teams Up with

Single mother, public figure, avid golfer, and clothing designer Lisa Marie has been the talk of the town in golf! She represents the young, edgy, fun side of golf that has long been ignored for quite some time now. Lisa Marie started playing golf when she was twelve years old when her dad first took her to the driving range. Shortly thereafter she was hooked and play ed on her varsity team. Her new show,”TeeUp with LisaMarie has been a huge success and we are very proud to announce that we have collaborated with her to bring our training aids to her audience.

Each week she’ll be using one of our training aids starting with the ever famous, Impact Bag, designed by the legendary, Dr. Gary Wiren. Lisa works with some of the top golf instructors in the Houston, TX area where the show is broadcasted from.

TeeUp with Lisa Marie can be seen every Saturday on the NuDu Network 2pm CST. Her show is also downloadable on iTunes at NuDu remote. You can also follow us on Instagram to see clips of her show as well as behind-the-scenes footage with our products!


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