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Swingclick PLUS Wins ING Industry Honors Award for Best Training Aid

Swingclick PLUS Wins ING Industry Honors Award for Best Training Aid

The PGA Merchandise Show 2017 was once again the hosting ground for the prestigious 24th Annual International Network of Golf (ING) Industry Honors Awards. The ING is a non-profit, media-based networking organization who recognize outstanding achievement in the golf business through their honors awards program. The event is now referred to by many as the “Academy Awards of the Golf Industry”. The ING is where the USA’s golf media connect with business, to network and not only discover new and upcoming products in the golf industry, but also to recognize outstanding performance both in business through the ING Industry Honors Awards and in media through the ING Media Awards program.

As part of the Industry Honors Awards, nominees in 11 categories were submitted throughout the year from anyone in the golf industry and this year the Swingclick PLUS took top honors as the Best Golf Training Aid of 2016. (Category: Product Ingenuity: Emerging Companies – Training Products)

The product ingenuity, not only in the simple design of the Swingclick PLUS, but also in terms of the fundamental problem it solves in the golf swing, is remarkable.

The product works on the premise that great rhythm starts by finishing your backswing. If you don’t finish your backswing, your hands, body and legs work out of sync and you have immediately lost your rhythm. The Swingclick PLUS, provides a frame of reference – a “click”- at the top of your backswing which solves the golfers’ timing and rhythm problem. It’s that simple. Experienced golfers use the device as a drill to set the club in the same position at the top of their backswing. Creating this muscle memory helps golfers to find the top of their backswing when they are under pressure on the golf course.

The device straps to a golfer’s forearm and with a smooth swing clicks at the top of the backswing, at impact and follow through. The click at the three key positions of the golf swing is excellent audio feedback for beginners as it helps them create good structure and good rhythm when they learn to play the game. Beginners can also play a round with a Swingclick on their arm. This teaches them to keep their rhythm for 4.5 hours and helps them take their driving range game to the golf course.

We are very proud to not only sell this product, but to work with an award winning team that always gives 100% to their product and to their customers.


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