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Swing Caddy Brings a New Twist to Golf

Swing Caddy Brings a New Twist to Golf

A man named Yong Shin had a vision to simply create a better full swing product that the average golfer can use to practice their tempo but also be to have different degrees of difficulties to give someone a challenge. He came up with the Swing Caddy. With a simple twist, the club head of the Swing Caddy is designed to adjust to allow golfers to feel and practice the impact at different swing speeds required from a wedge to a driver.

The steel head creates the first loud audible clicking sound when enough impact is put behind the swing and the second click will be heard at the follow through. The physical and immediate feedback will allow golfers to to self diagnose their flaws at each part of the golf swing.


Shawn Clement, Canadian PGA, #1 Golf Coach on Youtube

“By far and away the best design and functionality in a training aid to gather more club head speed in Golf; it teaches you how to use the golf forces of the swing to get that speed and gives you amazing feedback with a very defined “CLICK” sound.  Because it is sleek, it behaves like a golf club; because it is a contained chamber and made of stainless steel, it lasts forever.  Great touch on the shaft to feel the load you would normally feel on a regular length club as well.  This unit has everything going for it and we use it here at the Learning Center for Wisdom in Golf on a daily basis! Worth every penny and more!” 

Terry-Jo Myers, 3x LPGA Tour Winner, Legends Tour Player

“I find the Swing Caddy to be the first beneficial swing aid I have ever tried. I can immediately identify the feeling I am looking for with the Swing Caddy. I use the Swing Caddy in my gym as a training aid for my tour players.”

 Katie Detlefsen, LPGA Tour Pro

“I like the clicking and think it’s a valuable tool to train with. I think [The Swing Caddy] is a great practice tool to improve timing, sequencing, and to create a ‘feel’ for golfers to develop more distance.

The Swing Caddy will also be one of our featured products in our 2017 Father’s Day Gift Guide coming out very soon! Stay tuned…

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