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stringRods Can Be Your Answer For a Straighter Path!

stringRods Can Be Your Answer For a Straighter Path!

Having a straighter path in your golf shot can be tricky for most. Some might hit it a bit thin depending on your set up but we wanted to introduce you to a new product that might just be your answer! stringRods are an innovative new golf training aid designed to be used during the swing. Basically, it is a collapsible rectangle with adjustable elastic strings but what separates it from other similar products are its two very novel applications.

The first is as a superior replacement for basic alignment rods. Everyone seems to use them, but they really work best when set parallel. That’s the problem. Most golfers and instructors set them randomly or by eye and they usually are not parallel. Since stringRod’s top and bottom rods are ALWAYS parallel , there is no need to measure to make them exactly parallel. It’s quicker and better when compared to old fashion rods but most users feel much more confident that they are set up square.

The second application is as an active swing path guide- there is nothing else like it. Even the expensive Trackman devices measure your swing path and then provide you with the data. What stringRods provide is a VISUAL guide during the swing and that’s what most players need to physically see their swing path in motion. This is unique to stringRods, and that’s probably the reason a the prototype of this product won a innovation award from the PGA Merchandise Show.

If you’re a low handicap player, you’ll certainly appreciate the simplicity of stringRods. Highly skilled players have the ability to work with a narrow channel and to fine tune the angles necessary to shape shots consistently while working on fundamentals.

Design – Top and bottom rods are always parallel. stringRods gives a wide open hitting space. V2 is over 20% larger than V1. stringRods lets you practice like a pro at the range. Setup the same way, every single swing, for  every single practice session on the range. Adjustable Strings – Use the stringRods adjustable strings to create your own repeatable swing path/chute. Adjust strings up or down from each other to create specific in-to-out or out-to-in swing paths. Each “marking” on the side rods is 1 degree, relative to the other side rod. (Ex: to create a 3 degree “in-to-out, draw” swing-path, align the strings to be at markings 3 spaces apart from each other on side rods.) Collapable Fit – stringRods are collapsible and durable. Each SRV2 unit comes with a SR-BumperBar which provides additional protection against breaking. The SR-BumperBar is recommended for use for novice golfers and anyone using the SRV2 for training new golfers.

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