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Shape Your Shots with the Perfect Swing Path Board

Shape Your Shots with the Perfect Swing Path Board

We are really excited to introduce the Perfect Swing Path Board as our latest Product of the Week! This golf swing trainer is based on Ben Hogan for stance and ball position. It’s simple, match your feet on the boards feet to get standard ball position. For ower trajectory shots, move right foot closer to the left. For higher shots, move right foot further from standard. Left foot stays constant!

We all know that putting is probably the mot important part of your golf game. With the Perfect Swing Path Board, it’s very east to line the putter up to achieve proper putter face alignment and set your eyes over the target line. On the reverse side, practice putting with the perfect arc.

Learning to shape your shots with the Perfect Swing Path Board has never been easier. Remember, this is based on the nine ball flight laws and Trackman. The Face angle is 4X more important than Path so in order to hit draws and fades, the path must be on the money. This training aid paints that perfect picture so you can achieve success when hitting your shots.


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