Golf Training Aids, Product of the Week

Pocket Bunker is Our Product of the Week

Pocket Bunker is Our Product of the Week

This week’s Product of the Week goes…Pocket BunkerTM! All golfers want to play great golf, experiencing the thrill of hitting great shots on great golf courses. Practicing with Pocket BunkerTM will assist golfers to do exactly that when playing green-side bunker shots. Pocket BunkerTM is about you reaching a level of green-side bunker shot performance you thought only was bestowed on professionals. Pocket-sized, it is crammed with performance, convenience, durability, value and enjoyment. Playing off a low or high handicap, you’ll immediately lose your fear of bunkers, become confident, attack the pin!

This product closely resembles a PGA approved golf ball, except that it has legs that act as sand simulators. You can play your Pocket BunkerTM from just about any surface and reacts just like a golf ball from sand.  Also the Resistance generated between the club and the playing surface provides the most realistic feel, especially if you’re hitting good shots. Hit it fat and it stays behind. Hit it thin and it flies over. Shank it, and it will go sideways. Hit a good Pocket BunkerTM shot and it reacts like a good bunker shot…it’s that simple!

One of the best advantages to using this training aid, is it’s soft with flexible legs, which makes it safe to use at home, at school, in the park, at work, at practice facilities – virtually anywhere! It fits easily in your pocket, making it ideal to carry on you when you want to fit in a quick session.


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