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Northern California Golf Association Gives Their Take on Training Aids

Northern California Golf Association Gives Their Take on Training Aids

When your golf game is in need of a tune-up, what do you do? Some tend to run for a lesson but sometimes, time is of the essence and we just want to improve quickly. Luckily, there are plenty of tools out there to help you get your game back on track! Whether you’re trying to improve your stroke, work on your short game, there’s always a way. Remember that some of the most effective training aids are also the simplest to use. If you take just a few minutes to learn all the nuances and understand what a certain training aid can accomplish, it can pay off major dividends. Just recently, the Northern California Golf Association included a few of our training aids in their recent summer edition. Products included Swingyde, Impact Snap and the newly FOCUS Putt Amazing!

The Australian-made Swingyde, is very lightweight and designed to correct various swing positions at the top of a backswing. It also remedies any club face alignment issues throughout the swing which leads to more distance and accuracy.

The Impact Snap allows golfers to quickly and accurately lear the proper usage of their hands and wrists during the golf swing. With a “simple click” sound, the easy-to-use device comprised of a golf grip, an internal sliding weight and a small steel component attached to a yellow ball – audibly lets the user know when the proper motion has taken place.

The all new FOCUS Putt Amazing, created by PGA Professional, Mark Diley has been taken storm by golfers from all over. This new product helps you effortlessly commit your putting stroke to muscle memory, regardless of your putting style and helps to remove any unnecessary wrist and body movements.

Thanks again to the NCGA for the great reviews! You can find your of these training plus more at 

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