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Looking Back on 2018…


Here we are again, the year is just about over! It’s time to reflect on 2018…what a year it’s been! Each year we talk about how much we’ve grown as a company and this year isn’t any different. Our staff has grown a bit and so has our inventory.

To begin, let’s welcome to the GTA team John Leighton, Certified Teaching Professional and Master Instructor for Short Golf and Wally Made Golf. John will be working with us growing our Affiliate Sales and helping us generate video content. His vast background will absolutely help us grow our brand! We’re very excited to have him with us.

As far as products…2018 brought us the Thoracic Pro (TPRO) from an Australian based company called Gravity Fit. It helps you to be in the proper position for posture in the golf swing. It’s been seen by some of the best PGA Professionals and Coaches in the business. We’ve also had great success with the all new Acu-Strike Training Mat. It comes in indoor/outdoor and a combo mat of both. It is created with a specialty fabric where when you strike it, you can see your swing arc. This really is the first of its kind and had been receiving tremendous success from professionals and coaches alike. You can check out all 600+ products from putting to full swing by clicking here.

We also work with notable Coaches on content creation such as LPGA Top 50 Instructor, Trillium Rose and Golf Digest Best Young Teacher and Owner/Instructor of Pure Drive Golf, Adam Kolloff.  

You’ll be seeing a lot more content from them both as well as others as we move into 2019. That’s always exciting news!

Here’s to a prosperous New Year! Thank you to ALL of our fans, friends and partners! Let’s make 2019 our best year yet.

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