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Join The Affiliate Program and Be Rewarded

Join The Affiliate Program and Be Rewarded
If you think of what an Affiliate program is all about, it’s when a business rewards one or more persons for each visitor or customer brought by that person (a.k.a. an Affiliate) own marketing efforts. It’s not just a wonderful way to make your products visible to other in your industry but it’s also a way to to connect with your core audience. We developed a comprehensive Affiliate Program that has been benefiting and rewarding golf professionals from all over the world. It’s quite simple the way it works, someone logs onto and fills out the form, they then get an “Affiliate ID” which they use to sign in each time. They then generate their own links that they can use to promote on their website or even social media accounts. The best part of our program is that you EARN 20% commissions on EVERY REFERRED SALE! There is nobody that gives as much commission as does, but that just says how much they want to reward those who really put the effort into marketing the program.
Our program is growing each and everyday! To date, we have over 3,000 golf pros on on our list, including both PGA and LPGA players. One of the most used affiliate accounts is none other than PGA Hall of Famer and the one who began Golf Around The World, the legendary, Dr. Gary Wiren. Remember, everyone is welcomed to join the Affiliate Program. Whether you’re a pro or not, it doesn’t matter. You just have to have a love for golf and friends and/or family members who would love fantastic products that will help them lower their score and improve their game!
You can also sign up via their Instagram account at and on Twitter at For more information on the Affiliate Program, please click  or call them directly at 800-367-4279
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