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Introducing The SX3 By Swing Mechanix

Introducing The SX3 By Swing Mechanix

5 Minutes A Day With The SX3 & You’ll Have A New Impact PositionAnd Lower Scores.

Swing Mechanix is dedicated to the development of golf performance through the understanding of how the physical, mental and technical components of the game blend together to equip you to play the best golf of your life. SwingXSwing says “The SX3 is an easy-to-use, confidence-building training aid that gives immediate and accurate feedback to sharpen your short game from different kinds of lies”.  

The main points of this training aid are as follows:

  • Alerts you at the exact moment your swing becomes problematic.
  • Learn a proper impact position and create successful recovery shots.
  • Designed to create proper impact for ALL wedge shots.
  • Helps correct your most common mistakes around the green, chips out of the rough, shots from the fringe, skulling, shanking, swing consistency, correct impact position, early release, and chili dips.

The SX3 is designed to create proper impact for ALL wedge shots and shots around the green.

Let’s say you didn’t know how to drive a car.  It wouldn’t make any difference if you had the most luxurious model car or the least expensive, as each vehicle would provide the same opportunity to get you around town The same holds true for wedges.  If you don’t know how to properly swing a wedge (yes, the swing is different than the rest of your bag) then you have the same chance of getting up and down But if you want the ability to knock it close with a wedge – any wedge – that’s where the SX3 will change your game for good!

Definitely go to and order your SX3 today!

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