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How Golf is Making a Difference in the Autism Community

How Golf is Making a Difference in the Autism Community

April is held as Autism Awareness Month. That means we are dedicated to raising awareness about Autism, what it means for kids and what we can do to help them along with everyday struggles. Golf has been a fantastic motivator for autistic kids to help them focus on many different things and in turn, will help them in school and in social settings. We are very proud to team up with the First Tee of the Palm Beaches to work with the kids using our training aids.

LPGA Teaching Professional and Program Director and First Tee Recognized Coach, Connie Capanegra has been a driving force, utilizing training aids such as the Swingyde and the Orange Whip to teach them how to improve their game but also inspiring them to play better and also meet other golfers who might share some of the same struggles they have. “The best part of working with these kids is that each one tells their own story of how golf helped them in some small way. We don’t realize sometimes that even when we’re done with our round of golf, the lessons we learn still follow us.” said Capanegra.

People with autism, in general, do very well with repetitive tasks, with doing things that are structured. They’re able to work on their swings over and over again, and if you have your swing down, you’ll have ‘muscle memory’ and be able to succeed more. While golf is mostly are played in foursomes or on teams, golf is ultimately an individual sport. Unlike team sports – that require a player to react to or even anticipate a teammate’s actions – golf is a game of one.┬áThat makes it ideal for autistic children who have difficulty reading the social cues of those around them. Remember there are a lot of social aspects about being on a golf course. There’s courtesy for other players, waiting for your turn, having the chance to socialize, but also learning to behave a certain way. has always been and will continue to support Autism and making a difference in the community.



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