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GTA Launches Partner Program – Create Content/Earn Cash!

GTA Launches Partner Program – Create Content/Earn Cash!

On October 1st, we officially launched our new Partner Program which is a derivative of our Affiliate Program only better! The purpose of the program is to give our thousands of golf professionals an extra incentive which is to give them even more discounts and all we ask for in return in quality content!

We set up the program where golf professionals can get deeper discounts than the normal 20% on all products. Instead, we’ve decided to give golfers up to 30% off but the stipulation is they have to give us great usable content, meaning tips/drills using the training aids. Now here is something everyone will love…once we review the content, you have a chance to earn money back you spend on products. We will supply you with a unique code just for you. That code will be connected to your Affiliate ID, so any sale on any product that uses your code, you’ll earn back 20% commissions! Not a bad deal considering we will also promote you all over our Instagram which is now close to 30K and our mailing list which is over 75K!

Since launching last week, we’ve received over 100 emails from Pros, Coaches and Instructors wanting more info on how they can go from a Pro status to a Partner Program Status. Again, this is not just open to a “Pro” If you’re a weekend golfer but might have some great content to share, we welcome you!

If you are interested, please write to Brad @ Pass it along!

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