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GTA Just Keeps Growing and Growing…

GTA Just Keeps Growing and Growing…

So as many of you already know, GolfTrainingAids.com has been around for more than 30 years, starting with PGA Hall of Fame Dr. Gary Wiren and his son/Product Manager, Dane Wiren. Back in the 80’s the training aid life was very different than it is today. First off more than half of the products that we have now (over 500+) we not even around. Secondly, the technology we have today is very drastic than it was thirty years ago and lastly, the staff has changed which is always a good sign! I’m sure if you asked Dr. Wiren what life was like decades ago, he’d tell you about corded phones and TV’s with rabbit ears and training aids that did not involve as much technology as they do today.

In the last year alone (2017) the company has grown tremendously due to new staff but also due to its new marketing strategy which includes a constant and consistent social media presence.  You can follow us at @golftrainingaids to see the latest products as well special promotions we do just for our Instagram followers!

Since we’re growing at a tremendous scale, we are relocating our headquarters to Boynton Beach, FL versus where we are now in Boca Raton. We are all very excited for the new digs which will include us creating a photo studio for our training aids and an area where we can shoot video promotions for products and giveaways. So stay tuned for some fresh content coming your way!

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