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LIVE Product Reviews with PGA Hall of Famer Gary Wiren

LIVE Product Reviews with PGA Hall of Famer Gary Wiren

Beginning on Tuesday, April 25 at 3pm EST, we are going to be LIVE on Instagram (@golftrainingaids) reviewing new products as well as some classic ones that everyone loves!

These days you can take the most ordinary golfer and make them into an overnight sensation all just with one press of a button! “What we love so much about Instagram LIVE is that we can offer our fans and followers a sense of instant engagement which in turns connects us to them on more of a personal level and that’s what social media is all about!” said Brad Lieberman, Social Media Manager for What you can also learn is what your audience likes and doesn’t like, let’s face it, that’s probably the most crucial information you need! Lastly, it’s perfect as a sales generator for all our products. With over 500 or so golf training aids, we rely heavily on social media to get the word out. We get new products in all the time and sometimes reviewing them all can be a task in itself, but now that we are going LIVE on Instagram, will be able to give them the attention they deserve!

Did we mention that on the 25th, we will be with a very special guest. PGA Hall of Famer and Director of Golf for Trump International, Dr. Gary Wiren. Both him and his son, Product Development Manager of, Dane Wiren will both be reviewing some of our latest and greatest products together. Remember to follow us at @golftrainingaids We’ll see everyone soon, be sure to tune in!

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