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GravityFit TPro Coming to

GravityFit TPro Coming to

GravityFit is a revolutionary science based system of whole body exercise and rehabilitation that originated from a lifetime of research on core stability by world renowned expert Professor Carolyn Richardson.

The GravityFit system of exercise and rehabilitation was developed to target and strengthen the muscles so you can stay fit and strong on the inside. We are very excited to announce that GravityFit will be coming soon to

If you’re wondering what your gravity muscles are, they help you maintain an upright balanced posture. Perhaps the most obvious example of not using our Gravity muscles effectively is when we slump.  If your Gravity muscles are strong, especially your spinal core muscles, you naturally have good posture and your  spine and joints are protected from injury and pain. Your body performance is optimised when your muscles  are doing what they are designed to do.

The Thoracic Pro a.k.a. the TPro is a very unique exercise tool used by golfers all over the world from the average weekend golfer to elite PGA Tour Professionals. What it does is give you more compression which essentially strengthens the wrist, elbow and the shoulder and helps to train your thoracic spine and core.

This is definitely a product we are all very excited to carry because we know that golfers will absolutely benefit tremendously by keeping them in a perfect posture position and in turn lower their score. Stay tuned…



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