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Golf In Sync is Our Product of the Week

Golf In Sync is Our Product of the Week

Since we started our Product of the Week, the response has been overwhelming! We have over 500 products, ranging from full swing, to putting to junior products! Golf amateurs, PGA and LPGA Professionals love that we do product spotlights each week.

This week is Golf In Sync. This product is designed to help synchronize body movement through impact as well as helps promote smooth yet powerful body rotation—arguably the key to consistency. The device attaches to your lead arm and to the shaft so you maintain a sense of connection through the swing. That sensation can eliminate chunks, thin shots and inconsistencies in contact.

  • Golf In Sync is used by many PGA Professionals and European Tour Players.
  • Can be used for putting, chipping, pitching and bunkershots.
  • Works with equal success for the novice, ladies, men’s, juniors and professionals.
  • Used by both right and left-handed players.
Rickard Lindberg – Coach European Tour – ” I use Golf In Sync for short game, in particular chipping. I think it gives the player a better way to understand how the body shall work to get instant feedback of what is good and less good. It has helped many of the players I work with to improve their short game, awsome training aid!”
Bob Toski – World Golf Teachers Hall of Fame – ” Golf In Sync is the best training aid i have ever used”
Magnus A Carlsson – European Tour – ”Golf In Sync is part of my daily chip training, makes me work more synced and use more body turn”



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