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GoGolf GPS Coming to

GoGolf GPS Coming to

If you’re an avid golfer, I’m sure you’ve realized that the golf tech world is getting bigger each day. Whether it’s a high-tech golf cart with all the bells and whistles or it’s a golf club that can actually hit the ball automatically without you have to lifting it, golf technology is there. The latest and greatest device is from a company out in CA called GoGolf GPS. The beauty about this product is the technology behind it. It works off your smartphone using simple bluetooth technology. Simply download the app and listen to the magic happen! It will tell you precisely how far your shot is to the pin and what you hit as you play.

GoGolf GPS is accessible with both Android and Apple IOS Devices and can access over 30,000 global golf courses, supported in 35 languages and reports in both audio and text so you’re always prepared wherever you play. Imagine if you heard the “Last shot, 214 yards. 60 yards to the center of the green.” We know what you’re thinking…it’s cheating in a way, but it’s really not. It’s a training device that can help improve your overall game. Most of all, it’s just fun to use! You can clip the GoGolf GPS to your glasses, visor, cap or shirt. Simply listen, tap and swing. Most aren’t aware that the unit is also IPX5 certified to be water resistant, so if it starts to rain while you play, you don’t need to worry. Designed with only two buttons and perfect for beginners or advanced players.

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