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Kids Who Golf Can Change The World

Kids Who Golf Can Change The World

There are few sports that can provide important life lessons as golf does. Golf is special, especially to a child learning for the first time or if they’ve been playing for a while. It can teach them some of the most important skills such as: practicing personal responsibility, learning to manage emotions, appreciate diversity and learn etiquette. Michelle Holmes, of the Michelle Holmes School of Golf is one of the best at teaching just that and more. As an LPGA Professional and LPGA Girls Golf Director, and considered the Top 50 U.S. Kids Instructor, Michelle has broken barriers and has made a strong significant footprint in the the game of kids golf.


At the age of ten, growing up on the West Coast of Ireland, is when Michelle first picked up a golf club. She was first introduced to the game by her father who taught her not only how the game was played, but to respect and value it. After being offered a golf scholarship in 2001 in America, she decided to perfect her game. Fast forward to 2011, where Michelle decided to take her knowledge and passion for the game and give back, especially to kid and officially open the Michelle Holmes School of Golf in Chesapeake, Virginia.



Teaching kids the game of golf can be a fantastic experience for both the student and the teacher. Not only do you teach golf fundamentals but you’re developing a bond at the same time, with kids that’s so important. Having that trust can really make a difference. Teachers like Michelle Holmes are rare. She’s a person that always strives to make someone better at golf. Just watch one of her videos and you can clearly see her students eyes light up! Her motto has always been, “To Create experiences that encourage you to play the game forever”.

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