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Forever Better Golf Inc. Launches A New Website!

Forever Better Golf Inc. Launches A New Website!

The PRO-HEAD 2Trainer is a full swing training aid that helps golfers maintain their spine angles and keep their heads behind the ball through impact. It gives the golfer instant feedback on head and spine movement in a way similar to the feedback given to 9 year old Jack Nicklaus by Jack Grout, Nicklaus’ first Teacher. Pros and users fondly refer to the PRO-HEAD as a “mechanical Jack Grout.” On October 10, 2017, they launched a brand new website which gives customers more of a chance to see the latest features of the PRO-HEAD 2 TRAINER

The new PH2T allows for the foam wall attachment to rotate 90 degrees from its original horizontal to now, a vertical position also. The foam attachment serves as the fixed and stable reference point, in a way similar to Pro Jack Grout holding young Jack by hair. The adjustable arm attachment allows the foam wall to be raised and lowered, to be used by a 7 foot tall golfer and by a 40 inch tall youngster. And the arm and foam wall can be lowered and placed hip high for all golfers.
Check out their new site! Incase you’re wondering, the eight common swing faults that can be fixed by the PH2T are:
1. Bobbing or moving head
2. Lunging head
3. Poor weight shift, reverse pivot
4. Early extension
5. Sway in backswing
6. Sway when chipping
7. Sway when chipping or pitching
8. Head movement when putting



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