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Forever Better Golf Inc. Introduces a New Wall/Tree Mount Model

Forever Better Golf Inc. Introduces a New Wall/Tree Mount Model

The PRO-HEAD Trainer (PHT) is a patented, full swing training aid that immediately helps the golfer feel the effect of maintaining the spine angle and keeping the head behind the ball through impact. Just recently, Forever Better Golf Inc. (FBGI) introduces a new Wall/Tree Mount model to compliment the new and improved PH2T that was launched in December of 2016. The Wall/Tree model is similar to the PH2T except that it attaches directly to a wall or tree. As with the PH2T, the Wall/Tree model can be used by any golfer, any skill level, any height, any age, any body build, male or female, left or right handed.

A Bracket and Height Adjusting Plate, with vertically located holes, replaces the base and vertical pole supplied with the movable PH2T. Two screws are supplied to attach the unit’s bracket to the wall or tree and two to attach the Height Adjusting Plate. The Hat Attachment for putting, chipping and pitching is also included. As with the PH2T, golfers can gain repetitions for their swings by swinging without a club, with a club and/or by hitting real balls with any club.
Ideally the Wall Mount Unit can be attached to an inside wall of a garage; to an outside house or garage wall; to a basement or finished room wall; or outside to a tree. It could even be attached to any interior house wall. The screw holes can easily be filled and painted, when the unit is removed from the wall. When installed and not in use, the unit takes up very little space. The arm hangs vertically and almost flush against the wall or tree.

What we love so much about The PH2Trainer, is that it helps golfers to develop that feel into a consistent and repeatable swing to take to the course. Of course, feel can only be attained through repeated swings with the golfer’s head on a fixed reference point.

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