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FOCUS Putt Amazing Featured in the New Product Zone at the 2018 PGA Merchandise Show

FOCUS Putt Amazing Featured in the New Product Zone at the 2018 PGA Merchandise Show

We are very excited to welcome the all new FOCUS Putt Amazing to the New Product Zone at the 2018 PGA Merchandise Show! We’ve had this product since July 2017 and it has tested and sold extremely well with PGA professionals at the highest level, including British Open Champion and one of the most best players to ever play the game, Darren Clarke!

What the FOCUS Putt Amazing does is that instantly fixes the hidden flaws that golfers battle within their putting stroke. The FOCUS trains you to use the proper core motion in your putting stroke, which makes your hands, arms and shoulders move perfectly as a result. You will literally feel the connection and send the ball tracking online to the hole time after time. People normally have a different take when you talk about effectiveness in putting. With the FOCUS Putt Amazing, you really can master your putting and effortlessly commit your perfect putting stroke to muscle memory regardless of your putting style.

Now when you talk about uniqueness in a product, what do you think of? Stats right? Well here’s one for you; The FOCUS has been proven to increase your putting stroke efficiency by 21.3% in just a few sessions and is a favorite of top PGA Golf Instructors. This was tested at SAM Putt Lab, Quintic Ball Roll and BodiTrak Sports. Here’s a few more benefits that makes the FOCUS Putt Amazing stand out from the crowd:

  • Uses BioKinetics to commit a perfect putting stroke to muscle memory
  • Eliminates unnecessary wrist and body movements
  • Fully adjusts to any putter length and grip thickness
  • Works with your own putter and with any putting style
  • Uses tactile and visual feedback sensors to create the perfect stroke
  • Includes two learning modes for perfect form mastery
  • Takes all the thinking out of your putting stroke
  • Ergonomically friendly to both male and female golfers

So when you’re touring the PGA Merchandise Show, be sure to look for the FOCUS Putt Amazing in the New Product Zone!

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