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Do You Slice? If You Do, Your Path Might Be Wrong. Let stringRods Help!

Do You Slice? If You Do, Your Path Might Be Wrong. Let stringRods Help!

Fixing a slice is not as simple as “aiming further to the right” There are two major factors that influence ball flight.  They are the face angle and the club path.  Recent research from Trackman type devices prove that the face angle determines the initial direction and the swing path determines the curve of the ball.  What is evident is that the easiest way to correct the cure your slice is to correct the path.  That’s what stringRods does! Keep in mind that stringRods wads also a recipient off the “Most Innovative Concept Training Aid” at the 2013 PGA Show in Orlando, FL.

To help understand, visualize a clock face with the hour hand pointing at the target and the minute hand representing the swing path.  Most pros swing “inside-out” at a 1-4 degree swing path angle, which means that they are aiming at 30 SECONDS past midnight – that is a very small amount, however it makes a big difference! The correct swing path is at a very slight angle.  stringRods is a geometrically calibrated tool to craft a swing chute at these exact small angles.  stringRods also shows you the correct path while swinging.  There is nothing else like it.!
There is very little dispute that the most beneficial change a slicer can do is to correct the swing path.  Ingraining the right path into your muscle memory by lots of correct repititions is the best way to fix a slice.  The best way to do this is with the all new stringRods.
One of our favorite Butch Harmon quotes, “as long as you get the club square on the right path, you can play golf, it doesn’t matter what it looks like” Click here to or your stringRods!


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