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DaVinci Sports Golf Coming to GTA on 2/12!

DaVinci Sports Golf Coming to GTA on 2/12!

All golfers want to feel exactly what the pros feel, and that’s what DaVinci Sports Golf has created with their world class proven system of training devices. We are very excited to announce that they will be a featured product on as of February 12! So let’s begin shall we…

The Total Golf Trainer a.k.a. the “swiss army knife” of training aids, is certainly a one-of-a-kind training aid. It’s so good that it can help you eliminate almost every flaw in your golf swing! Just attache it to any golf club with a standard size grip and you’re ready to go! Some of its best highlights? You’ll learn how to “feel” the correct positions throughout the golf swing so you know what a great swing feels like (a proven approach to improvement). You’ll even master the takeaway, perfect your club position at the top, learn how to drop the club into the slot, and unload mercilessly on the golf ball with a powerful release! When PGA Professionals like Martin Hall, Mike Bender and Warren Bottke say it’s good…you know it works!

Next up is the Tour Putting Trainer How does the saying go? When you make more putts, you’ll shoot lower scores and have a lot more fun? That’s absolutely correct with the Tour Putting Trainer! It’s an adjustable putting trainer that uses a radius rod, forearm rail, and forearm guides to help you achieve the perfect address position every time with proper alignment and your eyes over the ball. If you want consistent setup every time, then this is the tool you need!

The Bio Movement Trainer (ARM) better known as the BMT Trainer is probably the ideal wrist, elbow and arm position trainer for anyone who’s looking to achieve a better controlled swing. establish powerful lag in the downswing, and ensure crisp contact by helping you to avoid releasing too soon and scooping the golf ball.

Lastly we have the Bio Movement Trainer (HIP) A fantastic training aid to assist with your posture, hip rotation and to make you a better overall ball striker! So simple to to attach to your waistband or belt which gets your hips in the proper position throughout your swing. If you lose your posture you simply slide your hips, or reverse pivot, you’ll feel body contact with the yellow indicator ball, letting you know what’s wrong immediately.

Working with a company like DaVinci Sports Golf is going to be awesome in every way! The team they have there including their Director of Sales/Partner/Co-Inventor, Michael Gish is outstanding and their products work 100%! We are very excited to have this relationship and look forward too selling their product line at


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