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Curing your slice has never been easier!

Curing your slice has never been easier!

WHAT IS THE SLOT IN GOLF? If you slice the ball with an over-the-top swing, it is because you are moving your upper body and arms first. Great news – game-changing actually: You are capable of finding the correct swing path we call “in the slot.” Golf Slot Machine is a user-friendly swing training aid that helps you feel and memorize the correct body movement and club path. With four easy color-coded steps, you will make crisp, powerful ball contact to find the slot consistently.

Golf Slot Machine is proven effective by PGA Tour Pros and Instructors to help you achieve crisp contact on a more consistent basis. The tool engrains the correct body sequencing and swing path to help you achieve more hits on the fairway, more targeted hits on the green and a far more enjoyable round of golf.Learn how the Golf Slot Machine can not only cure your slice,  but literally change the way you play!

“As an ex-collegiate golfer, I was eager to get back on the course. When I picked up my clubs again my expectations didn’t match my scores. I was hitting much shorter and the ball was slicing to the right. A few sessions with the Golf Slot Machine and I have my distance back and I’m hitting most of the fairways.”
-Kristin Palazeti, Ex Collegiate Golfer


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