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Celebrating Dr. Gary Wiren on National Teacher Day

Celebrating Dr. Gary Wiren on National Teacher Day

Today, May 2 is considered National Teacher Day, and there’s one teacher that stands out from the rest, someone that has been a driving force in golf, Dr. Gary Wiren.

Dr. Wiren’s career embraces a broad range of golf activities, including: Teacher, Author, Administrator, Business Owner, Inventor, Program Developer, Player, Collector, Speaker, Entertainer, and Motivational Teacher.

As a PGA Master Professional with a Ph.D. in sports science from the University of Oregon, Wiren is seemingly always open for business. For decades he has been a tireless proponent of educating other golf instructors with the best and most comprehensive information. Most famous for editing “The PGA Teaching Manual,” the landmark teaching volume distributed to all PGA members, Dr. Wiren has taught more than 250,000 golfers around the world in both individual and group settings. Between lessons, Wiren was the PGA’s director of education, learning and research for more than a decade, and he has been a featured speaker at five PGA Coaching and Teaching Summits. He has spoken to teachers in nearly every country with an organized golf program, including a keynote address at the first Scientific Congress of Golf. Named PGA of America National Teacher of the Year in 1987, Dr. Wiren is a member of the Nebraska and South Dakota Golf Halls of Fame and the PGA Golf Professional Hall of Fame. Dr. Wiren’s written work can be found in more than 200 magazine articles, and he has been a featured instructor on The Golf Channel and ESPN.

Over 25 years ago, Dr. Wiren and his son Dane, started Golf Around The World now called GolfTrainingAids.com. They were pioneers in the golf training aid business, developing products such as the Impact Bag and the Figure 8 Strap. Today, Gary still plays a significant role in the business, but most of all, we consider him to be our teacher, mentor and friend.

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