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2018 PGA Merchandise Show Recap

2018 PGA Merchandise Show Recap

The 2018 PGA Merchandise Show has come to an end but what an amazing show it was! We have to first thank all of our key vendors that showcased their products in our booth: ShortGolf, Watson Golf (The Hanger) and RoyBoy Golf (Low Zone, Speed Strap and the new Crosshair Targets and everyone else who played a key role in our show success including Superspeed Golf, FOCUS Putt Amazing, Swing Wizard, 5Dudes Golf and of course Steve from who’s always shows his support!

For starters, Demo Day was unbelievable! Seeing our friends like Kyle at Superspeed Golf, was amazing! Seeing other vendors like The Putting Stroke Teacher and the Putting Stick Teacher were fantastic not to mention our new up and coming vendor, DaVinci Sports, which we are VERY excited to soon carry their products on

Our booth was packed to say the least and couldn’t be happier! While Ted Watson of The Hanger was demoing, George from RoyBoy Golf was introducing his brand new Shorthair Targets to PGA Pros and Mark from FOCUS Putt Amazing was showing his product to none other than Gary Gilchrist! We were very lucky to have with us PGA Professional, Michael Midgette whom you’ve seen from our weekly Instagram show, “GTALive” Mike has always been a success in the game. Partnering with Cobra/Puma and many others, has made Mike one of the most sought-after PGA Professionals for content creation. He was very busy with our Social Media Manager, Brad Lieberman conducting on-the-spot interviews with vendors as well as making his rounds to each training aid booth demoing products.

There is one other person that we always look up to, the man who started it all, PGA Hall of Famer, Dr. Gary Wiren! Both him and his wife Ione came to the show as always, welcoming guests, taking photos with fans and even demonstrating a few items. The show wouldn’t be the same without him. Thank you to everyone else who came out to support us! Remember to follow us on Instagram and tag us in your photos @golftrainingaids See everyone at the 2019 PGA Show…



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