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2018 PGA Merchandise Show is Around the Corner!

2018 PGA Merchandise Show is Around the Corner!

The 2018 PGA Merchandise Show is coming up around the corner and we can’t be more excited for it! Being our second year, we have lots more to offer! Our booth is twice as big and we have twice the amount of products to showcase! Featured at our booth is Watson Golf, which everyone knows as the maker of The Hanger, one of our best selling items! Joining them will be the all new Short Golf which makes the most intuitive golf products for junior golfers and those just getting in the game. Lastly, we have RoyBoy Golf, creator of The Low Zone, a great system designed to teach golfers about distance control.

We are very happy to announce that we will once again we have PGA Hall of Fame, Dr. Gary Wiren join us from 11am to 2pm Wednesday through Friday. Dr. Wiren will be on hand to not only greet patrons at the booth but to also talk about the products and be part of our exclusive giveaway package which includes a staff bag from his collection as well as signed award-winning DVD’s and books. To up the ante a bit, we are also throwing in a SuperSpeed Golf set! We are all very excited to be at the show! We invite all attendees to stop by our booth, #985 to see the latest and greatest training aids as well as a few classics. Hope to see everyone there!

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