2017 Top 10 Training Aids: A Year in Review

2017 Top 10 Training Aids: A Year in Review

Wow! What a year it’s been for us! We’re very fortunate to work with some of the best manufacturers of training aids that help the average golfer and help grow the game!. Products like theHANGER by Watson Golf and The Navigator from Dirty Larry Golf have absolutely help change the game for so many golfers out there. Here are a few training aids that we thought have stood out as a game changer for 2017! (in no particular order) You can shop all these products PLUS 500 more for full swing, putting, fitness and more at GolfTrainingAids.com


The Impact Bag – Any golf professional would tell you at the end of the day it’s all about impact, you know what, they’re right 100%! The Impact Bag developed by PGA Hall of Fame, Dr. Gary Wiren, has been a staple for so many over the 20 plus years it’s been around, mainly because it teaches the correct position and feel for that moment. Remember that developing a strong left side while turning into the ball will help eliminate many of the inconsistencies brought on by left wrist collapse & will help bring you into a solid, assertive impact.


theHANGER  – This product by far has been one of our best sellers of 2017! There’s a good reason for it…it WORKS! Watson Golf, a California based company has completely transformed the way a golfer swings!To be honest, that’s an understatement. Its cutting edge patented design provides you with both visual and tactile instant feedback.  Whether you practice alone or with an instructor, this swing aid will accelerate the process of building the correct muscle memory for optimal face and path control. We highly recommend theHANGER. It’s perfect for junior golfers all the way up to seniors.


The Navigator – Lining up to the hole to sink a putt can be a pretty nerve racking experience for most but that’s why there’s The Navigator from Dirty Larry Golf! It’s simple, you clip it to any putter and line it up to the hole. It gives a great visual and makes sure you’re square to the target each and every time! We recommend this product because not only is it amazing but the company has the BEST customer service you’ll ever see!


Golf In Sync – PGA Professional Mike Midget said “The Golf In Sync is on my favorite training aids because not only is it easy to use, but it’s highly effective on multiple levels.” Golf In Sync is a training tool primarily for short game which helps the player perform a synchronized swing where the power generated comes from a body rotation. It’s also perfect to practice your chipping and pitching!


The Pocket Bunker – Pocket-sized, it is crammed with performance, convenience, durability, value and enjoyment. Playing off a low or high handicap, lose your fear of bunkers, become confident, attack the pin and enjoy the result. Imagine taking the legs out from under the ball, what do you get…you get the Pocket Bunker! All players love it and it’s really so much fun to use!


RoboCup – If you’re looking to save some time on the putting green and have a bit of fun at the same time, then the RoboCup is absolutely for you! You can putt and it shoots the ball back to you up to 14 feet so you don’t have to keep picking up balls all day. Its just an awesome training aid that fits right in your bag!


Eyeline Classic Putting Mirror – When you think of this product, what word comes to mind? We’d use AMAZING! Eyeline Golf creates some of the most innovative and practical products for all golfers, weekend to PGA Tour Players. This putting mirror is perfect for checking all parts of your putting alignment and setup, including eyes, shoulders, putter face & more. Remember, set-up and consistency is key in putting! Keep in mind, this also comes in a smaller travel size as well.


SuperSpeed Golf – Increasing club head speed has always been a challenge for most golfers. We try everything in the books believe me! Now we have the SuperSpeed Golf Training System! This is the BEST way to add up to 30 more yards to your drive without breaking a sweat! The SuperSpeed Golf Training System will help you increase the speed and power of your golf swing by 5% to 8% in as little as 4-6 weeks of regular practice. Each set (men’s, women’s and junior) gives you three weighted clubs, (light, medium and hard). Get ready to bomb the ball off the tee and leave your competitors in the dust!


Tee Claw – You want to talk about versatility, I give you Tee Claw! We can’t tell you the countless PGA and LPGA Professionals that use product on a daily basis! What it does is replace flimsy rubber tubes that slow club speed, cause mishots and unwanted side-spin. The Tee Claw is designed to fasten into an artificial mat with a clock-wise turn. It accepts real golf tees wood or plastic and even broken tees for desired tee heights. Definitely one of those products that cannot be missed!


The Perfect Swing Path Board – This training aid is basically your golf instructor teaching aid for swing path based on the nine ball flight laws. Perfect for shot-shaping, putting and your ball position. Great putting track to monitor putting stroke on an arc or straight back and through! A definite fan favorite!



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