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2017 GRAA Top 25 Teaching & Training Aids

2017 GRAA Top 25 Teaching & Training Aids

Successful golf instructors use many different methods to help their students improve the way they play the game. A key part of that process for many instructors is the tools of the trade – the teaching and training aids they use on the lesson tee, and that they often recommend to their students for use during practice sessions. The GRAA Top 25 Teaching & Training Aids survey and asked over 250 top instructors what aids they use most. These instructors didn’t cast votes, they simply told them what they use. The difference with this survey and others is that it’s not a rating or a ranking; rather, it reflects actual usage by golf teachers.

If you take a look at the list, you’ll see once again, the Impact Bag rated #2! This training aid has been the cornerstone for us. Invented by Dr. Gary Wiren, PGA Hall of Famer, it’s been used on a worldwide basis by both students and instructors. Some say that it’s the best training aid that really shows the “Moment of Truth” when the club strikes the ball. Other training aids that made the list are the Power Fan, Swingyde, Putting Arc, Balance Rod, Impact Ball, Randy Myers Stretching Pole and the Bender Stik.

A BIG thank you you everyone at GRAA for putting us on the list, we certainly appreciate it! As a company, we are very proud to have our products make this list each year. Click the link to learn more http://golfrange.org/2017-graa-top-25-teaching-training-aids/

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